Real Love?

Real love cannot be explained, it can only be felt…but I will still try to define it somehow.
Love is the highest emotion there is, a deep feeling of belonging so much with someone that when you see her/him you feel at home…your heart is beating 100 times per second and you cannot explain it. You have a sensation that you know this person on Soul level, that your Soul knows her/him Soul, that your Heart knows her/him Heart.

Real love never ends; in fact, you never stop loving the person, even though you might not be physically together.

You feel each others moods, thoughts and emotions, even though you are apart.
Probably two people who have this feeling about each other have been together in many lifetimes before, not necessarily as a couple. I believe we change relationships with the same people, in order to learn different lessons.

However, love is not enough to keep a romantic relationship. There has to be respect, trust, intimacy, communication, sharing, and forgiveness…All of this is connected under the umbrella of love.
To be able to truly welcome love into our life we have to be strong, we need to have the fighter spirit. To keep a relationship flowing is hard work, every day. Nothing is free. However, the award is amazing. The award is Paradise on Earth, true happiness…

Many people never experience this overwhelming, overpowering sensation of losing yourself into deep love. To love with an open-heart means you have to open up totally to another person. This is scary, because you are vulnerable and might get hurt, so even though true love knocks at your door you might never have the balls to open you prefer to run and hide under your blanket, pretending you do not hear.

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