Retirement Fears?

Help me please!  Have any of you had any fears about retirement? 
Years ago. I  wondered many times what life would be like if I did not have to go to my laborer’s job every day. When I say laborer, I mean I punch a clock.
2186046422_2333e9144b_oIn the beginning years as a young girl, I had to walk two or three miles a day to and from work. On many of those long walks back home after work, I used to day dream about winning the lottery even though I have never bought a ticket. It was just fun to dream about living in that world of money and just being able to do what  ever you want in the day. Even thought many time in my dreaming I would ask myself what would you do if you win lots of money? Would I run into work to give in my notice or just never show up again. Most of the time I would be home and that dream would end before I ever had the answer to that question.
Or maybe in my subconscious mind I just wanted to stay a laborer.
Its been 50 year since I started this life of a clock puncher. Life has never changed for us clock punchers. I have only missed  work one time in 50 years, I was sick with food poisoning that day!  I have never missed work for any other reason, unless  it was time off for vacation, which always had to be approved by my supervisor.
I have seen some clock punchers who have had to call in because they were sick, family problems, or bad road conditions. These people can be on the list for being fired or laid off. I have seen many fired people going out the door crying not knowing where their next meal will come from.
On the other hand, some of the salaried people I've seen recently (especially those in upper management) their life has gotten easier. If their child is sick, or they are sick, or bad road conditions, not to mention every holiday like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any other long weekend, or just a nice summers day, (The list could go on and on)  we will get that  familiar E-mail, saying:
I am working from home today” You can reach me on
e-mail,  or call my cell.
phone cellphones
It seems they never have to take a sick day, or a vacation day, because they are sick. It seems they never have had that fear of getting fired because they have to miss work. They can just say:
“I am working from home today”  You can reach me on
e-mail or call my cell.
On top of their already big salaries, they do not have to worry about losing a days pay, like a clock puncher.
Now where am I going with all this rant?  The truth is it is not a rant its just real life!  So why have I planned to retire for the last three years and just could not do it yet, even though my Social Security check would not be that much less than I get now?
It’s just who I have been for so long.  A clock puncher.”

I am starting to get afraid that this is what I am going to hear when I do retire.
Well my friends this is the year 2012. No exact date yet.
I am going to give up the jobs I worked at for over 50 years as a clock puncher.
Finally: I will be able to say!
You can reach me on E-mail, or call my Cell!