July 2010 – by Irish

All I can think about when I hear of July is hotdogs, roasted marshmallows, and great happy hours around the bonfire! That is just what we are going to do. We are going on vacation to Crow Wing 11 in Northern Minnesota and our home will be our Dutch Star for a week! “Yes we are living in our Dutch Star full time… for a week.
rv recreational vehicle 01
The wind was gusting 25 to 35 miles an hour here today. I did try out our new paddle boat a little bit, but I have no good paddling pictures yet. I will take some on a calmer day.
My paddle boat is beautiful I named her buttercup!
I also had two green chairs on my list of wants even though they did not cost much money. It was a bit hard buying them. I do love them and they add a lot of color into the yard.
Since it was a vey hot windy day here on Crow Wing 11. Scott and I took it easy in the afternoon a pleasure we have not had much time for over the last few years on our lake lot.
Read Scott’s blog.
A Week at the Lake
We ended up our first day of vacation, with happy hour, and hamburgers on the grill.
Saturday 3rd
Another day hanging out at the lake. It was very hot and humid here in Minnesota again today. Scott did a littler reading, and cleaning up in our yard. We went out playing in the lake with our boat.
After happy hour Scott asked me out for a paddle boat date. Sorry to keep you waiting Scott, I was putting on my lipstick.
Off we go paddling. I hope my date does not notice that I don’t have my toenails manicured!
Another few days have flown by on this vacation at the lake. The entertainment for happy hour tonight was a robin washing up in my bird bath. One more glass of wine and that bird might be out on his neck and I will be in there, yes that is how good it look this hot and humid day.
Tuesday 6th
I just knew it, I knew this was going to happen, I was trying to keep all projects out of this vacation. I even tried to hide the tool box, but he found it today.
and a project.
We are having another great day in Northern Minnesota. We went to Brainerd Minnesota today, just to enjoy the culture.
What a beautiful morning! The yard looks so peaceful. I just had to take a picture of the the Garden House.
Thursday 8th
I just read lately that Bill Gates a person I greatly admire has hung up his golf clubs. Why? Bill explains you have to spend to much time at golfing to be any good at it. Also Larry King is going to leave his talk show of many years Why? to spend more time with his family. Well today I just hung up my water skies after 30 years of skiing, Why? So I can spend more time On Face book, Twitter, My Space, and Blogging. “ Just Joking” Read My Final Run
My final run around Crow 11 Thursday 8th July 2010
Tuesday 20th
Today was another day of change for me! One of the ladies I have car pooled with for two years retired. While I am happy for Karen to reach this special time in her life, I will miss her funny work stories. Congratulations Karen and the best wishes to you on your new activities!
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, of this week Scott was in New York. He has just arrived home. We are having our usual return celebrations. A glass of wine and some take-out from our local oriental restaurant. No dishes tonight.
We spent the weekend up north at our lake lot. The weather was great! Scott had a big project to work on. He is waxing our coach. He only got half done before he got burned out. It will take another weekend to complete it. I am sure he will do a blog on it after he is done with it.
July 31th
I was up very early this last morning in July. I am working on cleaning up pictures in my computer. Now that I am a downsizing junkie, I just could not wait to get some of them cleaned out.
Then it was off to yoga, the library, happy hour and a movie. This evening will bring July to a close. Even though we have many exciting things to look forward to in August it is hard to close this July page of our life.
“Spend your life wisely”

“ My Final Run”

30 + years ago I met the man of my dreams. Well I should say I met a boy, who is the man of my dreams today. That boy I met loved to play in the water. Water skiing being one of his most favorite water sport at that time. He also was a barefoot water skier, I on the other had not even graduated out of the wadding pool.

Even though I knew I would never be a barefoot skier I at least wanted to learn to ski.
That is where this story begins.  Weekend after weekend all summer long Scott dragged me around the lake trying to help me become a water skier!
After a couple of years of almost drinking the lake dry, one day OMG!  She is up!

Finally I can say I am a water skier.


With the sun on my face, and the wind in my hair, I hung in there with the big guys for over 30 years as a water skier.


On Thursday the 8th of July 2010 it was a beautiful morning 80 degree with solid sunshine, no wind, and no other boats on the lake.

I said to Scott let’s go out water skiing. Scott said OK. What he did not know is that it would be my final run. Yes I had decided it was time to hang up my skies! Even good times have to come to and end, to make room for the new things that are waiting for you. Been there done that for thirty year. I had the wind in my hair the sun in my face and many, many beautiful weekend of fun in the water at the lake with friends!
My Final Run video

My Final Run photos

With a tear in my eye!

crying eye...flying solo

I would like to give a special thanks to Scott the boy turned man. You drove that boat tirelessly Scott for hours, picking me back up out of the water after I fell, and fell, and fell. You never gave up on me, You always encourage me, and in the end when I finally made it as a water skier! I will never forget seeing you jumping out of that boat with a big hug and kiss to welcome me to that beautiful world of water skiing!