Dutch Star By Scott

For years Irish and I have gone back and forth between a smaller more fuel efficient rig like a Born Free 32' President and a larger Diesel Pusher however it came down to would we be able to live in a smaller rig for an extended period of time without returning to a home base. While we agreed that the smaller rig would be great for mobility and fuel mileage the cargo carrying capacity was greatly reduced and you could not carry enough of life's necessities to be comfortable without being overloaded.

It seemed that in the long run getting rid of everything but the motor home and what it could contained would allow you more freedom because you would not have to backtrack periodically to a home base to refresh and restore there by saving on fuel and return trips

After much debate I spent the better part of 2007 researching used motor homes on the internet. As you may know there is a large market there and you can find just about what ever you are looking for. We finally selected a 2004 38' Dutch Star Diesel Pusher model 3812 that we found at a Newmar dealer in Minnesota.

We arrived at dealer's lot to picked it up early morning on August 7th 2008 and spent a day going over the motor home and learning about it. Spending the night in the dealers lot we picked up a bottle of wine and celebrated in our new Dutch Star.

After an evening in our new Coach we wrapped up a few things with the dealer and were off on our first drive in the DP without anyone with us.

Currently our DSDP sits on our Lake lot in Northern Minnesota. We have a complete 50 AMP RV hookup there with septic and water for it and it is quite comfortable. It has its own little deck that with a little jocking back and forth we can position the coach next to the deck.