December 2010 – by Irish

We weren't ready for the snow that crept in while we were sleeping. It fell silently on the car’s rooftops. What made it a great day for this blanket of snow was, it was Saturday. I did not have to go to work. I have been in hibernation mode since my trip to Ireland and this just was a perfect way to just enjoy the weekend from our cozy little apartment window. DSC00092

It was not so cozy a few day later when Mr. snowman decided we needed a few more inches of his white stuff. This time we were at work with a 20 mile drive to get home through one of the business roads in Minnesota 35W.

We left work a little early trying to get ahead of what looked like a few little snow flake, but you never get ahead on our most famous road in Minneapolis 35W… so what do you do?


You just go out there and do what you have to do. Be careful of the ice that is the color of the road, go slow which is no problem since you cannot move anyway, try to keep your windshield wiper from frosting up. “Reach out there and clean those wipers off Margaret” WHAT!!. Hours later we are home in our toasty little apartment, watching the weather channel. Lucky for us that we did leave a little early, there is a much worse traffic jam out there now. Yes we are Minnesotan! We just go out there and do what ever we have to do.


Saturday 4th, Sunday the 5th

Another great weekend has come to a close, not much going on here this weekend. That is just the way I like it these days!

It snowed on and off all weekend. We went to yoga Saturday, and Sunday, seems like it’s the only time I get to breath these days.

I also spend a lot of time on my computer making Christmas cards and reading blogs. Scott is also working on a few new hobbies.

Friday 10th

We rushed out of work today at 4oclock. Our Minnesota snowman has been warning us all day that a big storm is on its way. Our first stop was at the grocery store. After fighting the longest lines I have ever seen in a grocery store we got enough food to get us through the weekend. Then it was off to the liquor store to get wine, and beer. No snow storm is complete without a party in Minnesota. Since we were in the same block as our gym we went to yoga. Yea we even made it to Yoga!

Great! we are finally on the way home to our cozy little apartment to enjoy whatever mother - nature has in store for us.

Do you see our apartment building yet honey!


Saturday 11th

Mother nature did as promised! It’s here, a big beautiful snow-storm we are enjoying it all from our cozy little apartment window! If you wish you were here enjoying this storm with us come on over to Minnesota! It’s going to be around for many month and we share our winters here in Minnesota with anyone who is brave enough to embrace them. We will even give you some to take home.DSC00358

Sunday 12th

It’s over 17.5 inches! of snow here in Edina. Most Minnesotans' except our “Minnesota Viking football team with a deflated Metrodome roof” are returning to life as usual. Our snowmen are out playing in the snow and there is snow everywhere here in Minneapolis this beautiful cold, sunny, Sunday morning. DSC00378

Now for some other news.

For those of you that have read my stories over the last few years you know that my sister Angela and I have taken two trips back to our homeland together!

We share great memories and have lots of pictures of those trips. With Christmas around the corner… I decided to make Angela a digital photo frame of those memories! What started out to be just a few pictures of our trip together turned out to be a digital picture book.

I have learned so much about sorting pictures in Angela digital photo frame that I will redo my own digital photo frame to sort and display my pictures better.


Just in case you have heard of unexplainable explosion in Edina Minnesota it’s just me. I am so excited!!! I just finished my last full week of work for the year of 2010. Even though I have to work the next two weeks they will be short, we have time off for the holidays. I made it another year!


Girl jump for joy line caricature

Saturday 18th

Scott and I went to yoga this morning after yoga we had a nice cold beer and lunch. We just hung out at the apartment for the rest of the day. No need to go out there to fight the Christmas shoppers when we do not have to. Any gifts I will give this year are along the lines of a “Massage certificate” or some “Life is Good” socks.

What do I want for Christmas?

Actually, there really is very little I want, and nothing I need. Most of my wants are not Things but rather experiences. I really want to do a lot more hiking, and camping. I want to take a road trip in a convertible. Someday I want to take a cruise, a train trip someplace, and I do want to see Alaska. The list goes on and on.

Sunday 19th

Other that the usual get up, get dressed go to yoga, there was not that much excitement to the day. I spend a a lot of time reading retirement blogs on my computer. What did I learned from all of the experts, NOTHING! I am more confused now than I ever was. “But I have a plan”

Monday 20th

Monday is always a hard day after having all weekend to hibernate and play with my computer, but when you have a Monday and another Minnesota blizzard together it can make for some tough going even for a positive thinker.

Another night stuck on 35W DSC04866

Tuesday 21th

Back in November shortly after my return from my homeland, my health care provider came into the company I work at for a day and did a health screening on all of the employees there.

I just got my results back a week ago with the bad news that I have a high cholesterol level of 258 normal being from 100-199.

Wednesday 22nd

Welcome to the world of prescriptions drugs Margaret. Yes that was the bad news my doctor give me today. With my cholesterol level so high even diet will not bring it down. I should not be complaining because it is the first time in my life I have had to take a little pill for anything. Sooner or later that day comes for all of us for some reason or another. Maybe just maybe I can bring it down, go off the pills, and live happily ever after. “Just Dreaming”

Christmas Eve 2010

We had the day off work today, for a three day Christmas Holiday weekend. That is what I like the most about Christmas these days. We even got another snowy day with beautiful big white flakes, around 4 inches more!

OH,how much fun we had today, when Scott and I went out to play,hey it’s our Minnesota way!

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas everyone! From beautiful snow cover Edina Minnesota.

Friday 31th

We had the day off work again today for another long weekend to celebrate the New Years!

I started out the day getting my hair done, after I was all prettied up I had lunch with Scott. After Lunch we went shopping to my favorite store in the whole world REI.

Since my “Life is Good” purse was getting old and worn out (Ha Ha), I had to replace it with a new one. My new purse got welcomed into the family with Scotts usual response “ How many purses do you have?.”

Tonight we have to say good bye to 2010 which was a good year, to welcome in the future!

We will welcome in 2011 with a glass or two of wine and a salmon and vegetables supper, at our cozy little apartment!

Happy New Year Family and Friends!

Happy New Year 2011_32572.jpg_thumb