June 2010 - by Irish

Beautiful June is here! June is the month when our trees gets their leaves back in full bloom, in Northern Minnesota.

I plan to spend as much time as I can enjoying their beauty! June is also officially summer month.


As a young girl I always wanted to live in a tree house, even though I have had a lot of dreams I have made come true that one never made it to the drawing board. Or maybe I just never owned the right tree for one.

I did find a little tree house the other day and I planted it in my big oak tree, even thought I will never live in it. It is as close to my dream as I will ever get! “Me thinks”.


Saturday 5th

I got up early to enjoy some beautiful early morning colors!

The sky over our apartment! at 5:30 in the morning.


The rainbow at the same time over Edina’s million dollar apartments looking the other way.


What a rainbow!


Then we got the rain. I love the rain drops!

Sunday 6th

Bright sunny, and beautiful Sunday Morning here in Edina Minnesota. I stayed in bed after sunrise! I am sure you are glad you do not have to see any more sky pictures today.

9:30 we went to yoga, then it was Bloody Mary time, and lunch. In the afternoon we went to Menard’s to do a little shopping for everyday stuff, and then to visit with family!

We had a great weekend, rain, sunshine, good food, good company, but I did miss my first family back in the old sod.

Thursday 10th

I was up early to catch a few minutes of a beautiful sky over Edina! Ok this is the last picture of the sky this month. “Me thinks”.


Friday the 11th

We are packed and ready to go up north to our lake lot. We have taken half a day off work so we can get to the lake in time for happy hour.

Saturday 12th

We bought a new electric fireplace for our garden house.


On a rainy cool Saturday night we had happy hour in the garden house enjoying our new fireplace.


Now get this, Scott had a few glasses of wine and decided he would entertain me. Should this man drink wine.. you decide?

Sunday 13th

We are back home in Edina after a fun weekend at Crow Wing 11.

Monday 14th

I just had to take a picture of the roses in front of our patio at our apartment they are beautiful!DSC03747

Thursday 17th

WOW! what a fun day it was my 32 year anniversary working for this company. Scott took me out for lunch to celebrate my accomplishment!


I also was surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my coworkers. It was not the Company that made my day, it was my coworkers! Thanks everyone. You are.. along with my paycheck the only reason I have made it 32 Years.


Scott and I had the day off work today to go to the dentist in Mankato. After the dentist which went as good as going to the dentist can get we went to Scott’s home town in St James to visit with his mother and father to do some upkeep project on their home.

Read Scott’s blog on his project there. Great Sump-man!

Sunday morning we got served a great breakfast of fruit, and home made banana bread. I shouldn’t forget to mention Scott’s father’s Baileys Irish Cream for his coffee which I took advantage of.

“Happy Fathers day Neil”


With hugs and many thank you’s for helping with projects we are off, heading home to our apartment in Minneapolis to start another week of the boring grind of our day jobs.

Friday 24th

Scott and I only worked half a day today at our day jobs. WHOOT! WHOOT! We were leaving after work for a long weekend up north at our lake lot. We are getting everything ready for a weeks vacation we plan on spending there next week!

Saturday 25th

We woke up to a beautiful fog to start our weekend at the lake.


After a cup of coffee and an hour or two to enjoy our morning, something we cannot do when we have to go to our day jobs we went into the little town of Walker Minnesota to get a part that Scott had to have to repair our boat. After we got our part we did a little window shopping. I heard Scott saying I just have to have one. If you have been reading my blogs you know by now that I am into the clothing line of ” Life is Good”

Now Scott wants to have his own clothing line with the saying “Life is Crap” so you guessed it he bought a shirt!


for the first time in a long time Scott took some time out to do a little fishing on the end of his dock.


I am glad I was not hungry for fish today Scott! “Just joking”


After all that work fishing it was time for tea on the deck, an old Irish custom that I still enjoy!


Next job on Scotts list was to wash and wax our Jeep, another job he has not had time to do for a while.


So this brings us to the end of another month. What better way to end it than with a perfect man, having happy hour by our first perfect bonfire of the year 2010, many more happy hours Scott says!


“Spend Your Life Wisely”