May 2010 – by Irish

Saturday 1

May Day! It’s one of my favorites days of the year. I also got a special gift this year! May Day came on a weekend since I am still working a day job and off only on weekend. A Saturday May Day was a big lottery win for me! Happy May Day everyone!may day baskets2

Sunday 2nd

We started out our day enjoying breakfast in our place. Then it was off to yoga. After yoga over a bloody Mary we talk about our new goals and dreams for this next year in our life.

I told you in my April blog that I would update you on why we decided to work in our day jobs and rent a different apartment for another Year. Even though we have made our financial budget that we set seven years ago and we do have our Dutch Star almost ready to hit the road.

Bottom line we are just not ready yet, we are also not sure we have enough money saved to keep us in a comfortable manner for 30 something more years.

We also read a lot of blogs of people who have quite their jobs sold everything and took off in their motor homes. Most of those people will tell you to just do it you will never be sorry. But then again, so many of them turn into, in my books beggars. Come to my rally, click on this, click on that, buy my stuff, use my name just whatever gimmick they can use to get money to support what they call their great lifestyles. Well that is not us, even though we want to see and do everything that is out there to see and do. We even do not mind a little work camping or volunteering we just do not want to beg.


Why the new apartment? The old one we lived in was so old and dark it was also depressing. This one is new and bright it is a place we will enjoy coming home to after work.

Scott washed the Jeep today for the first time in our on site car wash. It works great and it’s free with our apartment. We can have a clean jeep for a year!!


We had a good week. A friend of mine came to visit me at my new apartment.We had a beer and a nice visit on my new deck and chairs!

I went to a boring work conventions with my dear husband Scott. I enjoyed it.

Visited a family member tonight Friday after work.

It has been raining the last few days and nights. I just love the rain!! I want to go jump in some of those rain puddles.

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain.

Dance Under A Rain

Saturday 8th. Off to yoga!

Sunday 9th we went to St James Minnesota to spend the day with Scott mother and father for Mothers Day. We had a great time !! Scott's mother made us a great breakfast!


The rest of the morning Scott spent giving his mother digital camera, and computer lessons.


Tuesday 11th

“Margaret time” – update: Tonight I lit a good smelling candle and I soaked my tired body in a nice hot bath, in my brand new smelling bathroom.

Thursday 13th

Had a great week so far, worked on all of my goals and even made some progress on my health goal! Two nights without wine, wait the weekend is here.

We are off work Friday for a long weekend. We are going up to Northern Minnesota to get our Dutch Star out of its winter storage shed. We also have to get new tires on it. I will let you read Scott’s blog on our expensive weekend. The Coach gets out for Summer!

Saturday morning was beautiful! I was up early to take picture of our first beautiful sunrise over Crow Wing 11 in 2010.

After Scott and I had breakfast we went outside to start getting our yard mowed and dock in.

I worked on doing some more downsizing of stuff we have stored in our garden house, just in case we would ever need it. Now we know we will never need this great stuff again. DSC03638

Off we go to town to donate our good stuff to a charity in Park Rapids. For a short while I felt a bit liberated. Hold on now! Then we went to our favorite fleet and farm store to get a very small part for Scott to finish up his busted well pipe.

There it was a riding lawn mower that we always wanted it was a very small Snapper mower. Within seconds we bought it. That new credit card we just got works great even in Northern Minnesota! After we got it home to our lake lot Scott tried it out.


Then I tried it out it worked great! Then we put it in our garage until next trip up North and our next mowing adventure. We will see if this was a mistake or a pleasure by the end of the summer.


Ok now… what should we do with that push mower that we spend so many year hating every time we tried to start it. We put it out on the side of the road with a free sign on it and guess what? The mower that we hated for so long became someone’s treasure within an hour, they even took the sign. DSC03647

Friday 21

My goodness what a busy day at work today, but its over now. Scott started the weekend off by getting us a bottle of wine, oriental food and a beautiful plant to enjoy out on our deck for our Friday night. We made it another week time to party! Yes I know we make everything a party!


Saturday 22nd

We had a great Saturday! I said happy birthday to a friend, went to yoga, we walked to get groceries, walked to the library, and walked to Barnes and Noble so Scott could buy some work learning books It’s a place we can walk to for everything we want. I love it here.

Sunday 23rd

It started out a real fun Sunday morning, breakfast, reading some blogs on all the beauty sights here in Minnesota! The North shore There and Back and making it through another yoga class.

Now for they sad news.

teary-eyes My dear husband Scott has to go to New York for most of next week.Now I know many people would say how Exciting! New York! You see, he has been there many time and we are just not into the solo travel thing any more even for work, but it will have to be done every once in a while until the last curtain fall. Have a safe trip Scott!DSC03669

Monday 24th

What a day! It’s 95degree here in beautiful Edina. On they way home from work one of my car pooling friends announced that she is retiring on the 30 July. I am so happy for Karen, because I know how hard it is to make that commitment!

Tuesday 25th

Scott my husband my friend has been in New York since Sunday.

Over the last few month you might have heard me say I thought the reason that I have so much trouble making my health goal was maybe my husbands Scott fault.

Well I am now going to confirm that yes indeed he is the bad boy of my health goal!

Since he left our apartment Sunday for New York I have not had one glass of wine and I have had some very healthy salads for supper.

Wednesday 26th

My great car pooling friend came to my apartment after work for a beer! Sonja is the reason I have been able to hold on to my job for as long as I have. Thank you Sonja for always being there for me you pink lady!


We brought May to a close with a three day weekend up in Northland Minnesota on our Lake lot in our Dutch Star. Did we have good Month of May?

This Picture says it all!!!


Read Scott’s Memorial weekend blog coming soon.