“The little Town of Edina”

Ahh! the little town of Edina with it’s cobble stone streets, and trendy stores.  Read   “Moving to Edina
Main Street
Scott and his father enjoying the little water falls on main street.
Where  every other SUV is a land rover.
Every other car is a BMW or Mercedes Bends.

With it’s great library's

  Heart warming homes.

  I must not forget the coffee drinkers that walk the streets.
Even though we did not drive a land rover, or a BMW, or did we shop you're trendy stores, or drink coffee on your streets.
 You have always made us feel welcome Edina, for ten years we have enjoyed you're libraries, you're beautiful parks, and your rich culture.
We have always felt safe and wanted here. Now the time has come for us to let go of this part of our life, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
We would like to thank you Edina.. for making this page of our life a warm and happy story.
“We will miss you Edina”