“A Long Long Time”


5 decades 50 years, now that's “A Long Long Time.”

This is a big one. Where do I start? After 50 + years in the working world even though I have had many other reasons to get up in the morning, going to my job seemed to be the big one.

“I just did it week, after week, year, after year,decade, after decade.”
Now I have had many jobs since I entered the workforce at the age of fourteen.This one I am getting ready to retire from is the one I have been in the longest. 33 years!

What have I liked most about my job?

I would say:

“The people that I have worked with over the years, and my pay check.”
If I was to post all the Thank You Notes, Birthday Cards, and You Made My Day Cards I have gotten over the years they would fill a library. 2011- spring 2012 will be my last year in this long long chapter of my life. With a tear in my eye: I will move on to start the next page in this incredible book called LIFE!


Scott and I originally planned that I would retire in 2009, until the 2008-2009 market crash and recession rocked our perfect world. We took some loses in our portfolio along with millions of Americans. I put my retirement on hold to help get us back on track financial… I also felt very lucky that I was able to make that choice.

No regrets here. I got to spend another few years with my great coworkers. I enjoyed some more time with my car pooling friend Sonja, and I am emotionally and financial more ready for the big day than I was in 2008.

I have prepared gradually for retirement, I fully understand the fears and anxiety of this incredible trip I have had them all!

I have been getting my feet wet so to speak over the last three years and I have all my homework done! I have read all the experts advice, even though I did not learn much from any of them. There was a few helpful hints though and this was one of them:

Is the time right?
I have worked hard all my life, I met every challenge life has thrown at me in the work place. It’s time for me to stop working and start living my own way. These years belong to me that's how I truly feel!

Yes.. the time is right! 
As I prepare for these final steps into retirement: I am inviting you to travel along with me to the finish line and help me celebrate in this final chapter of “A Long Long Time.”