September 2010 – by Irish

As I shuffle down the path leading through the park,
As the days grow shorter now and soon it will be dark.
I realize that life is like the seasons we live through,
Life is like the changing seasons always changing too.

Labor Day weekend 2010

Scott and I are taking half a day off work Friday to get a head start on this Labor Day weekend. We
have lots of chores to do up north to close up for the season. I will not bore you with them, I will let Scott bore you. Read – Last of the Summer

Now if you want to find me doing my chores it’s early in the morning. You will find me hunkered down in a corner by the lake waiting to get a picture of that early morning sunrise!

While I am waiting for the morning fog to burn off so I can get that Labor day sunrise!


I got a surprise visit from the baby eagles soaring overhead!


And their Mother keeping an eye on them!


And then finally my Sunrise! Yes all that in one morning.


Of coarse we did end up this labor day weekend with happy hour by the bonfire!


It was suppose to be a short week but it sure did seem long. I was very busy with my day job.

September is that Month that I have my body checked over. Monday I went to the the skin doctor, Wednesday I got my hair done, and Thursday I had my eyes checked. Later this month I will do my physical and my teeth. I will update you when my reports come in.
Hooray!! The weekend is here! I am free to blog all weekend, just joking. Scott and I will go for a walk in the park, Yoga, and just enjoy our freedom from those nasty chores.

Apartment life can be great!


Monday 20th

What a day today was, fear, excitement, and adventure, yes I had all those emotions today!
Ireland is calling me, Now I’m going home! I have said it before and I will say it again it’s so hard to be an emigrant.
Yesterday my sister and I got our tickets to go back to our homeland to see my 93 year old mother,  drink some Irish tea, do an Irish jig, sing an Irish song or two, and just enjoy being home!

Ireland Map
October 24th is our take off date, with many details still to work out. I will update you on this exciting adventure as we get closer to our date.
Tuesday 21th
Scott and I are having another busy week with Scott working out of town for the next 3 days.
Wednesday 22th
With Scott out of town for the night my carpooling friend suggested we stop and have a glass of wine and get something to eat on the way home from work. Even though I am a home body now it was fun to get a little wild with my time.
Friday 24th
Scott and I got off work a little early today the plan was to go up to our lake lot. Its been almost 3 weeks since we have been there and we do need to mow the lawn and enjoy our Dutch Star for the weekend. Even though I get tired of that road trip all summer I was looking forward to going this weekend.
Mother nature had plans of her own! and her plans did not fit into our plans. Mother nature gave us many inches of rain here in Minnesota this week with more to come all weekend up north. Since we cannot mow anyway we decided to stay in Edina for the weekend.
Saturday 25th
A downsizing Junkies nightmare! Scott has been wearing on me for a couple of years now. When I say wearing that is a habit Scott picked up from his beloved grandfather! When his grandfather wanted something new that grandma did not think they needed he would just wear and wear on her until she had no energy left to fight back. Guess what grandpa got what he wanted and guess what again, grandma usually loved it, and wondered why, she fought back for so long.But of coarse grandma loved grandpa so what ever he really wanted she loved it in the end anyway!
Back to my story “A downsizers nightmare” like I said Scott has been wearing on me for over two years about getting a new foam mattress. At first his wear was he just wanted one because our mattress was worn out it’s about 15 years old. “I Love our mattress” The next six months was, I just have to have it! Now… we are up to the first year of wearing. Ok the next six month back pain enter into the wear and of course that new foam mattress would take care of that.
Over the last six month some stiffness in his arm and leg when he got up in the morning came into the wear, and the new foam mattress would take care of that also.
Well Saturday 25th October 2010 Scott ordered a new TEMPUR – PEDIC mattress. Scott’s new mattress will be delivered Monday 27th October and today Sunday 26th of October, the pain and stiffness Scott was experiencing is a lot better already. Imagine that! Scott has not even sleep on his new mattress yet.
Now I am starting to wonder If grandpa and grandma was cloned and the results is Scott and I. Or is it because I am Irish and just like to tell stories.
Monday 27th
Today I said good bye to my beloved mattress of 15 years!
Tonight we will welcome home our New TEMPUR - PEDIC Mattress!
The jury is still out on out new TEMPUR – PEDIC mattress. I am sure over the next month or two Scott will share some of his TEMPUR – PEDIC dreams with you!
For me it still is a downsizers nightmare.

Summers at the Lake

Another fabulous summer is coming to a close at our lake lot on Crow Wing 11 in Northern Minnesota.  
Summer 2010!
I thought this would be a good time to bring you up to date on the last couple of years since I wrote my last story on our lake lot.
 Read   Weekends at the Lake
Since we came back from Europe we have spent most springs, summers, and fall weekends, at the lake. Even thought the 3 hour drive one way to get there was not always fun, for me. It was worth it all when we got there.
Anyhow back to this story. What have we enjoyed there, what changes have we made, and what is the plan going forward.

With the 2008 crash of the economy and the stock market. We started seeing our portfolio going the wrong way and our jobs in jeopardy. We took action fast, maybe to fast. Since we have had another dream on the table of living and traveling in a motor home we though maybe this was the time to get a head start at putting that dream together.

First we put our condo in Edina up for sale, lucky for us it sold within a few months we also got our money back.

Next we started looking for a motor home.

Read  Pick Up Day
If you have read pick up day you know by now how sad I was at having to part with my little house!

My little House before we traded it in on our Dutch Star! The garage is in the background.


The Dutch Star sitting in the spot where the little house sat.


  The next year 2009  we still had our jobs, and our portfolio is holding it’s own. Scott who has always been a hot tub person decided to add on a small room to our shed and put a hot tub in there!
Scott also wanted to rename the shed  “The Garden House.”

Then - the shed

 Now - the Garden House!


Through those sliding glass door sits a beautiful hot tub surrounded with stained glass windows and the man that made it all happen!


We also got a canoe for those calm days when its just beautiful out in the water!


    And a  paddle boat to paddle around in!


My most favorite time of the day is the morning it is always a treat to sit at this little table in our Dutch Star and have my morning coffee!


We have had some great bonfires, and happy hours!


The yard and Garden House!


The yard looking from the garden house to the Dutch Star!


 Steps going to the lake.

Steps going up from the lake!



 Our boat, and boat lift and dock.
The Lake!


 Our dock and lake front.


 Early morning when everyone is still asleep you will find me out by the lake waiting for the sun to rise or if I am lucky like I was this morning have gotten a foggy morning. I love foggy mornings. You might be saying what’s so interesting about a foggy morning. But then you might not be Irish!


As I was hunkered down waiting for the fog to burn off so I could get my sunrise picture. Baby eagles are soaring over my head! Yes all that was happing in one morning the fog, baby eagles, and then a beautiful sunrise all at 6:00 in the morning. What a way to start my day!


As the sun rises over Crow Wing 11 2010, we bring to a close another chapter of our lives! at Crow Wing 11.


The plan as it is now.

When we retire and start traveling and enjoying this beautiful country in our Dutch Star. We plan to get off the road in the summer months, to enjoy some down time at Crow Wing 11.
But then life can have other plans for us. But for now that is our dream!

Crow Wing 11 2010