January 2011 – by Irish

I love the first week of January for two reason: the New Year, and my Birthday fall around the same time. I enjoy taking this time to reflect on my past accomplishments, setting new goals, and to challenge myself to keep pressing forward for a better me! Happy New Year!


We are only one week into the coldest month of the winter in Minnesota.

With the snow up to our butt

I take a breath of winter air and my nose is frozen shut

Yes, the weather here is wonderful you might think I'm a fool

I could never leave Minnesota, cause I am frozen to the stool.

Minnesota - January 2011

If you are an average person working Monday through Friday the nine to five shift, you might already know about FRIDAY ITCH. Friday itch is when you spend the entire work week wishing it was Friday. But then when Friday finally arrives and just one hour before you are getting ready to leave work here comes the snow. First you have to get your car all cleaned off, then you have to drive home our most travelled road in Minneapolis 35W your Friday itch is suddenly a Friday bitch!

I am trying to see beauty everywhere in this commute home. After an hour or two of looking at the taillights of cars I started to realize that I can no longer fool myself. “This is a drive from hell.” Then we turned the corner into a side street we were almost home, and there it was a rainbow tree with all her beauty standing tall in the beautiful clean white snow. Just when my heart and soul needed a reminder that yes indeed, there is beauty everywhere!

“Now for a glass of Wine”

DSC04944 fixed

Saturday 15th

Saturday Morning, not long after I got out of bed I was already looking at my planner to see what was on my to do list for the day. Then I hear that little voice in my head whispering do nothing.

What a good idea I thought! And so it was born, every Saturday for the rest of the winter will be my “Do Nothing Day”

You might be wondering what happens on a Do Nothing Day? It’s a day free from striving, achieving or a to do list. On my “Do Nothing Day” I took a nap, read a book, watched a movie, held my Husbands hand, and played with my computer. What a fun day!

The coldest week of the year so far has just flown by.While it did nothing for my health and fitness goal, it was a great week for me the hibernator. With temperatures from zero to 40 below in Minnesota you can guess what we were doing. Yes we were sliding, back and forth in our rocking chairs.

Everyone has been fussing’ and fussing’ about this cold weather, those very same people will be fussing’ about sweating in the heat in no time. I myself do not mind our Minnesota winters, I stopped short of saying “I love them.” So as not to get my friend Scott in a rant.

Cold Weather Talk

The last weekend in January is here: We have been enjoying a little warmer weather in Minnesota this past week with temperatures in the high 20th and 30th. Oh yes: we call that warmer weather here in Minnesota. You will not be seeing us wearing our shorts anytime soon: but it has made it a little easier on my friend Scott the cold weather hater, to get out of bed.

Saturday 29th

If you have been reading my blog so far this month, you know by now that Saturday is my newly found Do Nothing Day! After not sleeping very good during the night I crawled out of bed at 7:30 yes 7:30 that is very late for me. Then I heard that little voice in my head saying its Saturday its your Do Nothing Day! I got that feeling of joy that I have enjoyed on my last do nothing day! But then another voice said we should go to yoga this morning. That other voice was my friend Scott. Knowing he was right I did need the exercise to reach my Health and fitness goal, So I said ok.

I stumbled back into the bedroom to get dressed to face the world that I was not ready to face on a do nothing day. I grabbed my gym bag and off we go out into the world to accomplish a few other errands we had to do before we would go to the gym.

We get to the gym with a little time to spare which I was more that glad to have because I had to change from street clothes into my yoga clothes before class. I went into the locker room to put my yoga pants on and you guessed it no yoga pants in my bag. These are the kind of things that happens if you try to do something on a Do Nothing Day. So what do I do now I thought? but then that little voice in my head came to the rescue. It said you have come a long way baby to get to where you are at this morning so go to yoga in your street clothes!

Ok, now I am laying on my yoga mat on the floor with my street clothes on, with a gym full of yoga people wearing their cute little yoga outfits! I was just hoping the teacher would start class a little early so everyone would be to busy doing yoga to notice me. It never happened for a matter of fact because the teacher never showed up at all. We all had to leave the gym without a yoga class!

I went back in the locker room to get my coat and gym bag. We were almost out of the gym when Scott said to me did you forget your coat? Indeed I did forget my coat, back again into the locker room to get my coat. So the moral to my story is if you have a Do Nothing Day do not allow anybody talk you into doing something, because you will only work twice as hard to do nothing anyway!

Sunday 30th

Unlike Saturday everything went as planned we went to yoga in the morning, and yes my yoga pants were where they were suppose to be in my gym bag. The teacher also showed up to teach class like she was to suppose to. We had homemade pizza and a beer for lunch other that a few pieces of pizza Scott dropped on the floor everything went like it was suppose to. We watched an old movie, washed the jeep, took a nap, and before we knew it Sunday was over.

Monday 31rd

No one looks forward to Monday morning that I know of, especially those of us who works the nine to five shift. So how do we kick the Monday morning blues. I always look for something or somebody to make me smile.


If you remember one of my goals for 2011 was to watch at least one old movie a month!

Movies watched in January were!

True Grit - John Wayne – old Movie.

Great Scout & Cat House Thursday – Lee Marvin – old Movie.

Mama Mia - New Movie

Laugh Eat Pray – Julie Roberts - new Movie.

If you look up in the right hand corner of A New Day I rated my favorite movie of the Month.

Thought For The MonthThe happiest people aren’t the ones who have everything, they’re the ones who make the best of everything they have.