My Final Steps - June


Seven Steps To The Party!

Trust me - I am not actually counting the days until I retire. That would be to much like getting out of a jail sentence, even though there is days lately that it feels like that I am so anxious to be as the book say… Retired Wild and Free! I know that there is a limit to the number of days in this final year, but I would rather look at the year more in terms of the month-long chunks.

So why am I doing this? Why am I writing of my last year! Partly I'm writing this because writing is one of the things that I possibly might enjoy doing in my next chapter! I'm also thinking that "if it's in the paper, it must be true." If I see it in print, I must mean it. Not that I have any questions as to whether I mean it or not. Rather I have questions as to how I will react on than final day, :) :( or when I find myself somewhere else on the first day after retirement. Island with a palm tree

I am sure there is a few family members and friends that question, whether I am really ready to retire this time. I know, I know you have heard me saying I was going to retire many time over the last three years!  “Read this e-mail I just received from a friend”

Hi  Margaret,
I hear you are retiring Margaret, I don't believe that until I see it. When is the happy last day?

Yes there was a nagging thought, in the back of my mind, that I should stay here. It is warm, it is dry, and most of all it is safe. Yes I was afraid to leave in the past." Now I am neither afraid to leave or do I have that nagging thought that I should stay here. I know I will miss it, but I will not dwell on that. It is time to move on to my next chapter, the one I have been preparing for over the last three years.  “This time belongs to me”

I will close these June Final Steps with these words!
The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes. - Frank Lloyd Wright

June 2011

Saturday 4th
What a beautiful spring day we are finally having here in Minnesota!


Scott and I went for a long walk around our favorite lake here in Minneapolis early- morning. Then after lunch in the afternoon we went for a MINI Cooper S road trip.The main reason for the road trip was to enjoy the sunshine and the trees. The trees are such a delightful bright green color when they get their new leaves in spring. I know that color will not last long so  “Yeah let’s party!”

Tuesday 7th      

OMG! We are having a Heat Wave In Minnesota, I love it. We broke all kinds of records today in Edina Minnesota. It was fabulous out. blue sky, sunshine, and warm winds.
Friday10th  Saturday11th Sunday12th
We had a fabulous weekend! We left our day jobs at noon on Friday to head up north to our lake lot. This weekend was special we drove our MINI Cooper S up there for the first time. The MINI had a great time while there, it got to sleep in the garage at night and got a personal bath from it owner. 

“Spoiled MINI”


The early- morning quietness is my most favorite time of the day. Up north on our lake lot, I look
 forward to starting my day with a cup of coffee at our cute little table in our Dutch Star!


It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I had just got out of bed ready to sit down at my little table for breakfast when I saw two eyes looking in my window. I creep a little closer to the window with my
 camera in hand and guess what? It was… a “peeping deer”

After lunch we took our MINI Cooper for a joy ride into the little town of Walker. In the afternoon we took a nap, read our books, and of course we had happy hour by our first bonfire of this year 2011. 

33 Years at the same corporation!
Today 14th June I celebrated my 33 year service anniversary at the same corporation! I  feel very honored to have played my part in what we all believe is a successful company!  I find it a tad strange when someone says to me 33 years? “That is a long time!”  Overall I have been treated well in this company! I feel very honored to be leaving this company with the same mutual respect that I started with… 33 year ago!

Weekend come, and weekend go they sure aren't long enough or so it seems… even when your doing nothing.

Monday 20th 
Yep, it’s Monday once again I am back at work ready to accomplish some more goals that I want to keep accomplishing before my final step! 
Tuesday 21
The first day of summer has finally arrived here in Minnesota! It is also the longest day of the year. Believe me… it sure did feel like the longest day of the year today? With tornado sirens blasting off and on all afternoon and our safety team rushing us in and out of our tornado shelter. When we finally got the all clear from our weather man I got the heck out of there and went home. If I am going have to sit in a tornado shelter, or get blown off the face of the earth, I want to have a glass of wine with me on the way out!

Saturday 25th

Summer is the season of the year we like to kick back, relax and enjoy time at our lakes here in Minnesota. That's just what Scott and I are doing this weekend at our lake lot.

We did add a few more pieces of decor to our landscape this weekend. A hammock stand and a bright
 new umbrella! “Come on sunshine we are so ready for you!”

It took Scott less that five minute to put his new hammock stand together. Scott returned to the hammock in the afternoon with his book for a peaceful afternoon of reading from his I pad II.

Today I am saying a sad good bye to my little Sony Cyber- Shot camera. She has captured many special memories in my life for many years. Sunrises, sunsets, family get together, rivers, lakes, and mountains. She took two trips to my homeland Ireland with me and has been a constant companion in my pocket where ever I have been. Even though I have had other cameras with me.. Cyber-Shot was always the one that was there for a picture that was worth a thousands words to me. Even though she has not died yet she has lost her focus. You're shot will be replaced cyber, but never the memories you give me.

Thanks Cyber-Shot you have treated me well!