August 2010 – by Irish

Oh my gosh it’s August already! Scott and I are going to start it out with a mini Vacation to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary of 33 years. Well it’s actually a couple more.

Lets say 33 legal years.

This picture was taken many years ago of Scott and I sitting on our black sheep skin rug. yes! Those were the Sonny and Cher days.


Recent picture


Scott is working out of town again this week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Margaret is all excited getting ready for her Mini Vacation to celebrate our wedding anniversary on Thursday, when Scott gets home.

Thursday 5th

We are all ready to go on our mini vacation. Bags are packed, everything we need for a honeymoon. Well a 33 year old honeymoon, food, beer, vodka, and wine.

We stopped at my favorite coffee shop Caribou, for coffee and a scone to start our trip.

33 years ago Scott and I went camping to northern Minnesota on our honeymoon in our old hippie van that Scott fixed up. “Those were the Days”

33 years later we leave on another honeymoon in our beautiful Dutch Star Diesel pusher.


We are having a great time here in Stony Point National forest on beautiful Leech Lake.

Read Scott Blog Stony Point


After spending Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, at Stony point in Chippewa National Forest. We know for sure we will want to explore and spend a lot more time in State parks, and National forest. DSC04070

Sunday 8th

We have arrived back at our lake lot to finish up a great mini vacation. The deer who have been eating my flowers all year, went hungry and let me have two flowers for my anniversary!

Monday 10th

I never usually like to bore you with what goes on at work but, today was a little different. It was my first day back after a fun vacation. I was greeted with hugs and words that seem to stay with me long after they were said.

“You cannot believe how much I missed you” Wait… I was only gone 3 days!

Yes that is why I am still working. Its not about the company its about the people that miss me. Even though I have heard those words many times in my work life! Today was different today those word stayed with me.

You cannot believe how much I missed you!


Saturday 14th Sunday 15th

The weekend is here Scott and I are going to stay home in Edina this weekend to relax, go to yoga, go for a walk around our favorite Lake Harriet.

One of the goals I have had over the last few years since I started downsizing is to get a digital picture frame. One frame 2000 pictures sounds great! Well today I went to Best Buy and bought a small Sony frame just for family pictures. I worked all day Sunday sorting pictures that I had scanned into my computer. What did I end up with? A Curry family album, which is Scott’s family and the Friel family album, which is my family. And lots of pictures of Scott and I. Now when I take off in our Dutch Star we will have one picture frame with lots of Family memories we can enjoy at the touch of a button.


Wednesday 18th Thursday 19th

Scott has a heavy work load this week he is working out of town Wednesday and Thursday. Margaret also has a heavy work load this week in her day job, she is also having a friend over for a glass of wine Wednesday. Thursday she is cleaning the apartment for a special birthday we are having this weekend.


When I see more that one person out of their cubes in our office looking out our only window it’s usually bad weather.


Well today I noticed a lot of people gathering at the window. My thoughts were a storm was building up out there, I rushed to the window. To my surprise it was not the weather that they were looking at.

It was a beautiful Hawk sitting on our company sign. lucky for me I had my little Sony Cybershot camera with me and I got a picture!


Friday 21th

Scott’s mother and father arrived for an overnight visit to celebrate Scott’s birthday They come every year around this time. We enjoyed seeing them and having happy hour and oriental food. No cooking here, just enjoy the pleasures of being with our family. One thing I am always sure of when Scott and his family get together that their there is always some computer lessons!


Saturday 21th

We are off to the horse races today. Something Scott and I have done with his mother and father for a few years now for Scott’s birthday.


I really love watching those beautiful animals running the track.


I do not like spending my time while I am at the horse races reading all about every horse to figure out which one to bet my dollars on. I just enjoy watching Scott and his mother having fun. They are not big gamblers just a limit of 20 dollar for the day.

This year I found this neat older couple sitting a few rows down from me who never took their heads out of their racing schedule all afternoon.The little voices in my head were saying to me I bet they have some really great stories to tell and not just about horse racing.


Sunday 22th

Even though we have been celebrating Scott’s birthday since Friday today August 22 Scott is officially 55.

I had him all day to myself! We had a beautifully sunny day here in Minnesota. We started out the day with yoga, then a hike along the muddy Mississippi river, we ended up our special Day with supper at the Macaroni grill along the beautifully Centennial Lakes Park. Happy Birthday Scott!


This week the company I work for is showing us how much they appreciate us as employees!

Every day we get something to eat along with games and a fun time for everyone. I’ve got to admit, it gets on my nerves because we still have to get our work done. I wish it was just for one day and not the whole week. Anyway this will be another little gift I will miss after retirement. But then I will have many more things to appreciate then, me thinks!


Along the lines of appreciating. Every year at work in the summer we bring in some young men and women who are out of college for the summer to help with our summer rush jobs. These young men and women are glad to have a job for the summer with us. Which make them a pleasure to work with for some of us older workers. This young man brought a smile to my face every day. Did he get a dollar for this picture you bet he did!


Friday 27th Saturday 28th Sunday 29th

We enjoyed another long weekend in Northern Minnesota at our lake lot. Beautiful weather, good food, and great company! I will close the month of August with a change in the air. We are getting ready to close up our lakes lot for the year 2010, the leaves are starting to change their colors.


As the leaves work through their change I to have to work through my change, even though I think change is good, change is inevitable, change scares me to death!