March 2010 – by Irish

March where have you been? I have waited for you through a long hard cold winter. Now that you are finally here all I can think of is visiting family, beautiful weather, hiking, and sitting at a beautiful pool with my dear Husband Scott.

Ah! The good life!


Friday 5th

Its’ Friday night and the weekend to look forward to, after a very busy successful week at work and at home. We had to have a bottle of wine to celebrate! Oh no there goes my health goal again just so many things to celebrate.

It’s Saturday even although we have many things planned today that I would rather not do. It still feel great not to have to go into the office.


The first thing that I am going to do, that I really do not want to do today is go to yoga.

I am going to go to yoga because I want to give you a good health report in March HA-HA even thought my dear husband Scott bought us a big muffin for breakfast. Thanks Scott for your help with my health goal.

Next thing on my list to do is have my hair done, yes I do a little color every now and then, and this time I am going to have a cut. I want to look my very best when I go to Arizona to visit my in-laws. Eileen is my mother-in-law's name and I think Eileen deserves, for me to look my very best! Even though she loves me anyway. me thinks.

hairdresser cartoon

Had a glass of wine and a great fish supper with dear husband Scott! then watched a free movie.

“Just Married” it made me laugh, I will rated it good for the money.

Sunday 7th

Scott and I did some shopping today. I had to get a little carry on suitcase for my trip to Arizona. Scott got a new dress coat, pants, and shirt, he is running low on work clothes. With the plan for him to try and stay at work for another year or two, we had to spend some money on his work clothes. Money we hate to spend.

Monday 8th

Scott went to New York today to meet and talk with customers. Scott used to do this almost every week, just part of his job. It’s something we just do not care to do anymore.

Scott got home from New York early around 3:00. That was early enough to pick up a bottle of wine and some oriental food for his home coming celebration.

Thursday 11th

Today at work we had a big party to celebrate a successful year for our company. We had a great meal of chicken and the works! I also got profit sharing, I got 3 percent of the wages that I made last year.

Saturday 13th

We got up early and enjoyed breakfast. We are getting ready for our long trip up north to check out everything at our lake lot. We have not gone up there since we closed last October. I am excited about our road trip.

What a great time we had up north! Everything looked great at our lake lot. We went to the bar in the little town of Walker. We sat at the bar with the locals and had a beer and pizza.

Then we did a little shopping, Scott bought some shoes.


I bought some little green flip flops and a little green purse. I am having so much fun with my "Life is good" wardrobe!



What a beautiful fun in the sun day! We starting it out with yoga then a 3mile walk around one of our favorite lakes here in Edina. It’s days like this that Scott and I wish, Monday would never come, or that Monday was not a work day anyway.


Wednesday 17th

Happy St Patrick's day family and bloggers.The great ladies that I car pool with to work, took me for coffee and a scone this morning to my favorite coffee shop Caribous, thank you Sonja and Karen! My dear Husband Scott took me after work to the Chatterbox for beer and pizza and a side dish of Irish potatoes. Ah! It’s great to be Irish on St Patrick's day even in America.

Thursday 18th

We got the call! Scott calls his family once a week most of the time. Scott’s mother and father do not call us very often, because when Scott calls once a week it is enough said. However when we do get a call from his family at an unusual time, for us anyway, like nine o'clock in the evening, or three o'clock in the afternoon, or 10 o'clock in the morning it’s always been bad news. That is why we call it,

“The call”

The worst of the worst calls was a few years ago, it was an early morning one. if I remember correctly it was 10 o'clock in the morning. The call said Scott your only brother Brian has been in a car accident and he is dead. Now I do not have to explain to anyone who has lost a loved one what that call is like.

Then came the call a few months ago, it was about three o'clock in the afternoon. The call said, Scott your favorite uncle has died another day in mourning.

So on Thursday the 18th when we got the call at nine o'clock in the evening, we knew it was “The call”. Lucky this time the caller said the basement of your family home has three inches of water in it.

Now we know how much Scott’s mother loves her stuff. We rushed off at nine o'clock at night on a two and a half hour trip one way to try and save the family stuff from any more damage. We did it, hours later we had the stuff safe on higher ground, with a few hours sleep we drove back to get to work. What a night!

Tuesday 23rd

We are finally on vacations! Our two week vacation has 4 parts to it.

Part One: We are going from Minnesota to Surprise Arizona where Scott’s mother and father own a little house in a retirement park for 4 days.

Part Two: Next on our list is to visit my sister who lives in the Mesa area, for two days.

Part Three: It’s to Tuscan for two days.

Part Four: Back to Surprise to spend a day with Scott’s family before they leave to return to Minnesota after their winter in Arizona. Scott and I will enjoy a week alone in Sunflower Resort compliments of Scott’s family. Thank you Eileen and Neil.

Follow along with us on this Trip!

We starting out our vacation with yoga at our gym, then back to the condo for lunch and a cocktail. We are ready and waiting for the taxi to take us to the airport.


Scott’s mother and father picked us up at the airport and we are having our first happy hour with them in sunny Arizona,


Thursday 25th

It’s been beautiful and sunny in the 70s the last few days. Scott has been working on projects for his family!

Scott what a son you are!


Scott always gets an audience when he works on a project some of the local women came to keep an eye on the work he was doing.


Friday 26th

Now that we have gotten Scott’s family project out of the way we are starting to see some free time. Off we go on a beautiful hike! It sure feels great to be back in the desert and it is so beautiful with all the wildflowers after all the rain they have had in Arizona lately.


Scott climbed up the side of the rocks to get a better picture of this waterfalls!


Saturday 27th

Part 1 of our trip is over already, time sure fly's when you are having fun!

We are on to part 2 a visit to my sister’s in Mesa.


Scott was making a little video and asked my sister or I if we wanted to say something. I foolish enough asked him which one of us was the sexiest. If you cannot hear his response to that question on the video he said the dog. Look at the expression on my sister and I face to that answer. I think this video could win a prize!

My sister and her husband own a beautiful home in a beautiful mountain side overlooking Phoenix.


We had a great time together hiking, happy hours, and just getting caught up on some family gossip!

Of course Scott had a project to do there also. Jeff and Angela needed some computer lessons. What a man you are Scott! Jeff will not be getting an A on his lessons anytime soon look where he is looking.


As the sun goes down over Phoenix, we end a visit with my sister and her husband. Thank you Angela and Jeff for adding memories to our trip 2010!


Sunday 28th

We leave Phoenix today for a two day visit to Tucson. We are staying at the Embassy Suites. What a cool place this is.


A very pleasant surprise for me was we got free happy hour from 5:30 until 7:30 with snacks. We took full advantage of that.


Monday 29th

Today was a hiking day in beautiful Sabino Canyon. A must to see for all hikers or none hikers, please see Scott’s blog for a better idea of its beauty.

Sabino Canyon


There so many beautiful water falls!

There was some strict warnings about the dangers of mountains lions which scared me to death!


After nine miles of hiking our free happy hour at the Embassy suites was short and sweet!

Tuesday 30th

Today we leave Tuscan after a very memorable two days.


Wednesday 31rd

Part 4 of our trip is here and we are back at Scott's mother and father's little house in Sunflower Resort in Surprise Arizona.


We were welcomed by the Easter bunny.


Scott’s getting instructions from his mother how to close up her little house after we leave here. “I’m not thinking about that time yet!”


Scott gets a goodbye hug from his mother! Have a safe trip home! Eileen and Neil.


March has come to an end, but not her memories! Follow us into April for more excitement on our four part vacation!

“Spend Your Life Wisely”