April 2010 – by Irish

Today is April fool day and I hope Scott is not playing an April fool joke on me?


Seven years ago we set out on a financial goal a savings number that we thought we could live on, when we do not have our full time day jobs. Scott my finical adviser just informed me that the goal that we set up then, we had hoped to accomplished in seven years we just made in February 2010!! *** WHOOT WHOOT!!!!

What we did not plan on seven years ago, was that we would be on a two week vacation in sunny Arizona by a beautiful pool to celebrate. When we did meet that goal!

Thanks to Scott mother and father for inviting us there.


Now for the rest of my goals for the month of March.

My “Life is Good” wardrobe also got completed!

This two week vacation in Arizona marks the beginning of my retirement celebration. It is not official or have I set a final date yet. I want to walk in this new journey in life, while I am still crawling out of the old one.

I also get to start wearing my Life is good wardrobe. It’s all starting to feel so good!

Coffee in the Morning outfit!


Friday 2nd

Good Friday was a beautiful sunny day here in Surprise Arizona! We went on a long hard hike today to White Tank Mountains Regional park.

See Scott’s blog for highlights of that hike. Ford Canyon

Saturday the 3rd

We just had a very laid back day at the Sunflower Resort. We went for walks, wrote some blogs on our hikes, and spend some time enjoying the pool and having wine. DSC03435

Sunday 4th

We enjoyed Saturday so much that, we did a bit more of that today. We took some pictures of the beautiful flowers around here.




We also had a special table set up at Scotts mother and father place. To have our wine and supper to celebrate our good luck in this beautiful mountain we are climbing, called life!


Monday 5th

Now life is going to change a bit today, unlike Saturday and Sunday just hanging out and doing one of life greatest pleasures nothing!


Now I have done this hike many times before, But the big test today is can I make it up to the top of Squaw Peak after getting a little bit older and a lot out of shape. Read this blog Scott did a few years ago on our hikes there. Squaw Peak

I made it, but not by much!


Thumbs up on the way down!


Scott took me to an Irish Pub for a Black and Tan after our hike to celebrate my success!


Scott was such a supporter of me doing this hike, there was times I truly wondered if he had a big insurance policy on me.

After a black and tan at the Irish pub, I thought I would confront him with that question here is his answer.

Tuesday 6th

As we move into our last couple of day of a great vacation we decide to relax and enjoy each other, and the sunshine, in a very comfortable spot by the pool!


Wednesday 7th

Not much good news today, we are traveling to the airport to end a great vacation!

Thanks Enie and Neil for inviting us to your little piece of heaven!

We are back in Minnesota at work safe, but not sound.

Saturday 10th

Scott just gave me our first piece of bad finical news in a year. Many year ago the corporation that we work for gave us some stock options. For many years the little bit of stocks we had in the company made money. Then came 2008 and the big crash. We lost money in our company stocks then, and again this year. But life is good!

Sunday 11th

What a beautiful Sunday here in Minnesota! Scott and I went to yoga this morning and did some groceries. We put off a great walk in favor of watching the Masters. It was my first time ever to watch golf. It was worth it to watch Phil kiss his cancer stricken wife with a tear in his eye how beautiful!


Saturday 19th

Finally! the weekend is here it was a long hard boring week.

We are getting ready to move into our smaller, but new apartment!

I am also taking advantage of this move to do a little more downsizing! I will update you on the reason why we are moving into this apartment for a year in our May goals update:

Sunday 20th

What a great day we had here in Minnesota! We went for along walk in the park, went to yoga, we had happy hour in the sun in our back yard, and got some stuff ready for our move next Friday and Saturday.

Monday 19th

“Margaret time” update: I soaked my tired body in a nice warm bath!

Tuesday 20th

We sold our dining room table, chairs, and server today it was a beautiful set. Sad to see it go, but I must say I feel very liberated not to have to store it, or ever move it again.


Friday 23rd

Today Scott and I are leaving work early to get the key to our new apartment, that we hope to enjoy for a year! **WHOOT!

Saturday 24th

We are moving!


Monday 26th

OMG what a weekend even with all the downsizing I have done over the years we still moved stuff for three day.

Our new apartment looks really great. This will be our life for the next year!


How do I get in here no handles on the doors?


Friday 30th

It seems like every time we move we always have to buy something. This time it’s patio chairs and a little table since we have not had an outside deck for a while. Tonight we went shopping and now we are all set up to enjoy our awesome deck and view for a year, except for the flowers!


As April comes to a close it truly was a month filled with great memories and accomplishments for us!

Quote of the Month

All that truly matters in the end is that you loved and were loved!