October 2010 – by Irish

I am very tired. I have to take a break. With all that is going on this month I will not be able to work on any of my goals for the month of October.

We have made progress on most of our goals for September! Those goals are on hold now, because… I am going home to visit my Irish family!

Saturday 2nd

For the past two weekends we have had plans to go up to our lake lot to mow and just enjoy a nice fall day there. Like I have said before we can make all the plans we want but, at the end of the day it’s what life has in store for us that wins out.

Last weekend mother nature won out with 10 to 15 inches of rain and this weekend life has win out so far. Just as we were putting out stuff in the jeep Scott noticed a low tire, taking a better look we had a bigger problem. Now it’s seven clock in the morning and Scott is at the jeep hospital trying to get his tire fixed. I am blogging, I know, I know, I should be making the bed, washing clothes, or cleaning the apartment. But blogging is life now, and life win’s out!

Scott is back from the Jeep hospital with the jeep fixed. How much money? Let’s hear Scott's story.

After a bad start to our morning, we ended up with a beautiful fall weekend at our lake lot. We got our chores done and enjoyed some beautiful fall colors with a good bottle of wine.


Monday 4th

It’s back to work to pay the Jeep Hospital bill.

Tuesday 5th

Today I got that feeling of excitement again. I talked with my sister on the phone. We made a few plans for our trip home to Ireland. One thing we have decided on we are going to take less luggage. We will try and not have to check any bags which will save us so much time and trouble.

Wednesday 6th

Today my boss has officially signed my time off from work request, for my two week vacation to go on my trip to Ireland. It’s all starting to come together.

Friday 7th

Scott and I got up early. I mean very early like 3:00 in the morning we had a cup of coffee and some apple turnovers for breakfast. We had a big day ahead of us our Dutch Star got recalled again, for some nuts and bolts problem. We also have to take it to get stored this weekend for the winter.

The little deck always looks a bit lonely when it is not serving it’s big master the Dutch Star.

DSC00349 We closed another weekend, and another summer at the lake, with great weather and lots of memories. Scott is ready to share our last two weekend with you! "Closing the lake Adventure”

What a week? Scott was out of town all week, I was very busy with my day job. I did take time to get together with some work friends for supper one night. I have all my appointments made on my to do list. with one week to go before the big trip!


Saturday 16th

I started out the weekend with the first appointment on my to do list, my hair appointment. I do a little color once in a while. I do not have to do much upkeep on myself, as you already know. I am damn near perfect!

Next thing on my list is to visit Scott’s mother and father in St James Minnesota. We went Saturday afternoon and came home Sunday. We had a great visit. This is the last time I will see them for some time. When I return from my trip to Ireland they will be on their way to their little winter home in Arizona. With hugs and safe trip wishes we were on our way.

Sunday 17th

We got home from our visit with Scott’s family around 12:00. I caught up on a few blogs that I like to read. Scott and I went for a walk in the park.We are just having a relaxing night at the apartment, getting ready for a hectic week of fear, excitement, and my to do list.

Monday 18th

Scott’s is working in Mankato today. Margaret went to her day job and marked one more to do thing, off her to do list!

Tuesday 19th

Today I got my little carry on suitcase out. I am not ready to pack it yet just need to keep working on that to do list.


Tuesday 19th

Tonight, which camera to take with was on my to do list. I will not decide tonight which one or two, I will just make sure they are all charged up and that I have an extra disk for whichever camera I take on my trip.


Wednesday 20th

I skipped working on my to do list tonight. I had a glass of wine and enjoyed the evening with Scott at our apartment.

Thursday 21th

Today I called my sister to make some last minute plans to start our exciting trip! My sister and her husband will come here to our apartment in Edina for supper Sunday night around 5 o’clock.

I also had my hair trimmed today. The last thing on my to do list for today was to see my ear doctor. Everything checked out normal for me. What more can I ask for.

Friday 22th

OMG! I did know I would not have that normal Friday feeling before I left, because all day I was going to be trying to get my work flow in order for two weeks while I am gone.

I will not bore you with any more work details or try to explain my job. What I do want to share with you is what a great bunch of co-workers I work with. I was called to what I thought was a meeting only to find out that it was a surprise “you will be missed party.”


The cake had a picture of many of my coworkers waving goodbye on it! Wait!…. I am only going on a two week trip to see my family! I am coming back!


I also was able to get my flue shot today just one more thing off my to do list. With a hard days work behind me I sat down to have a glass of wine, and a quite evening with a special person, my husband my friend Scott!

Saturday 23th

We had a busy morning. What was on the to-do list today? Shopping, Macy’s had a big one day sale, and I did needed some clothes. Something I just hate to do, but I did it. I not only got a few things to go on my trip, I also got enough clothes to take me to retirement day, Wow!! did I say that “retirement day” now that scares me.

Any man who goes shopping with his wife would love Macy’s. According to Scott he found a very comfortable little sitting room with a TV in it. He had a great time watching TV until he had to pay my bill.

We had pizza and a beer for lunch in our cozy little apartment, then it was time to pack.

When Irish eyes are packing!


Sunday 24th

With everything packed and ready to go. The only thing on my to-do list for today was to get my nails done! This is something I only do on special occasions.


With everything on my to-do list done! Scott and I squeezed every minute out of the day to enjoy this last Sunday together for two weeks OUCH!


And finally my sister Angela and her Husband Jeff arrived. We had a drink and some oriental food together at our apartment before we to went to the airport!


Ready to go to the Airport?


And now I am sitting here wondering what the next two weeks have in store for me?


We did it!

I will share just a few of the highlights of my trip with you.

We had some great walks in the beautifully countryside of Donegal Ireland

We enjoyed celebrating my mother 92nd birthday!


We had many cups of tea together.


We enjoyed many of the beautiful thatched cottages in Ireland!


Yes….. all this beauty is just outside our front door of my family home!


A great place to do a little Yoga!


I just have to get my feet in the ocean!


I used to slide down these sand hills growing up as a child. No I pads or computers in those days!


We visited my father grave.


I am thinking… what if there isn't anymore?


As my sister Frances turned the key on the gate to our family home for the last time on this great family reunion, I also turn another page in the book of life!


With a month of planning, a great family reunion, and a visit to my homeland over, high up in the sky on my way home I caught the sunset over Edina!


Welcome home.. I missed you!


Life is Amazing!