Goals - by Irish - 2011

In the year 2010, I learned lot’s about myself my strengths and my weakness. One thing I learned for sure is that I am not going to keep a New Years resolution for very long, that is one of my weaknesses.

What I learned about my self surprised me. I most always make my goals, one of my strengths.

So this year 2011! I have five goals I want to accomplish.

And the good thing about blogging them is that they are out there on someone’s server waiting for me to accomplish them or embarrass myself. So here goes for 2011!

Health and fitness
This month I got the bad news from my doctor that I have high cholesterol 259 normal is 199-200. My doctor has put me on that little white pill. Even though many time over the past few years I have made a New Years resolution to watch my diet, and exercise more, by January 31 it was out the door. This year it’s different it’s a goal.

Goal # 1 is to lose 10 pounds, get my cholesterol closer to normal, while building a stronger body by April 1.

Old Movies
Since I starting growing up in the sixties, seventies, and still trying to grow up! I get so amazed every time I see an old black and white movie. What they did with so little in those day really fascinates me.
Goal# 2 is to watch at least one old movie a month for the next year 2011.

Dutch Star

In the year 2008 Scott and I bought a 38 foot Dutch Star diesel pusher. Which we plan to live and travel in to see all the beautiful sights we want to see. However with the crash of the stock market and our bad economy our goals to retire are still on hold. However we have enjoyed our Dutch Star when we have been able to take it our for a weekend even though it is a bit expensive to run.

Goal # 3 is to take our Dutch Star out to at least three state parks this summer, close to where we work for a week at a time in July, August, and September!

After Retirement budget

Scott and I have always tried to save a little for a rainy day so to speak. Around seven to 10 years ago we got the retirement bug and we started saving more aggressively with retirement in mind. For the last two years that retirement dream has become a goal. Now it’s time to test that financial goal while we are still working and have a paycheck.

Goal # 4 is to live on the money, that we think we will have, after we retire from our jobs. Let me give you an example of what I am trying to say. If we think we can live on 3000 a month in retirement. We will test living on that amount until 2012. 


Growing up in Ireland many years ago we had none of today's modern conveniences or money. With me being the second oldest of five children I had to help carry part of the burden by helping my mother and father feed my younger sisters. So we grew our own food, gathered sticks to heat our home, and carried drinking water for miles. It seemed like I learned to walk and work on the same day. At the tender age of fourteen I joined the 9 to 5 rat race. Now after 50+ years in the working world its time for me! Why have I set this goal so many time and failed. “Wait” this little voice in my head just said “ It’s an ending.” But now I’ve come to think it’s “Just the beginning”!

Goal # 5 is to retire from a job I love! To go out side and play, and be the child I never got to be in spring 2012

Five goals, a few are easy, and a few will be more difficult.
Someone out there hold me accountable.