“My Husband My Friend”

Scott, Happy Anniversary, 37 years. Where has the time gone. For all those years we have worked together, laughed together, cried together and loved together. We have had many dreams together, and even a few swear words. Many people have said we were very different from one another.
“ They were reading the cover, not the book.”
One time I was asked why I married a man who never smiled.

I have always seen that big smile in your heart for me.


We have discovered that love means a whole lot more, than we know when we first got married. We have weathered change,acquired more patience, and learned to laugh when life doesn't turn out exactly as we planned.
Sharing everything that comes our way has given us something that most people never knew… and on our anniversary, I am looking forward to all the beautiful tomorrows we have yet to share.

 Our Wedding Day!

   37 years later

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