“A Plan On Hold“

For the past ten years Scott and I have been working on a plan to retire from our day jobs. After retiring, our plan was to live and travel in our motor home. We had hoped to explore all of America and to find a special place to nest in this wonderful journey called life!
Now that plan is on hold. Well the living, and traveling in the motor home part… for a few years anyway.

With everything that is going on in the financial world over the past few months or years, Scott has decided that it would not be in our best interest for him to take early retirement at this time.
“Scott is our financial adviser.”
We have decided to keep my retirement on track for March 2012.  :) 

The Plan Today.

Scott will work a few more years to help get us  through these times of uncertainty. After all that is what I did in 2008 to help get us thru the 2008 - 2009 crisis.

“Yes We Are A Team”

 Scott and I also feel very lucky that we can still make these kind of choices.
With the cost of renting apartments sky-high, home value at an all time low, Scott staying on at his job for a few more years, and YES I am retiring we decided to buy a townhouse.
With that decision made… it did not take Scott and I long to start looking.
With no real reason to live in the big city of Minneapolis, or eat it’s expenses after I retire, we started looking for a place to live in Mankato. Mankato is a very scenic smaller version of a bigger city. Scott and I lived in Mankato for 20 years before we took an assignment to work in Europe. We have already made many great memories while we lived there. Read: Introducing Mankato Minnesota.

We did find a new townhouse in Mankato that was built in 2009 but it had not sold yet. We really liked the location which is very important to us. It is just a mile or two from everything we need doctors, the mall, restaurants, and the groceries store. It also is close to our family, friends, and is only about 15 minutes from Scott's office. Guess what? “We just did it” other than the waiting game the deal is done.
We will move in officially in April 2012 after we return from my retirement party in Arizona
Hoot! Hoot!

Creekside Court. 
Lets take a walk around Creekside..
From front to the back, of the Creekside Court town home.

Will this be our final nesting place?

Will this be the end of traveling in our Motor-home? Absolutely not.
The way we travel might change, but not the travel.

More coming soon on - Making Creekside a home

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